A Personal Italian Barista for your Place of Business

Gourmet Coffee in your place of business is now available in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.  After much research in the coffee industry as to what is available in business establishments the results were that majority of coffee lovers did not like what they have or have tried in the past.  That lead me to believe that there has to be a solution to help professionals and their customers "get their fix" with the quality they expect and deserve without going and standing in line then paying top dollar for a cup of quality coffee let alone the time away from the office it takes to get that cup.  Well  years of  searching you have found it...Italian made which only makes sense as they are the finest baristas of the industry.

The Bean Addiction ‘Imports Italian designed and manufactured automatic specialty espresso dispensing systems. Designed for businesses, organizations and restaurants our Barista models provide the finest coffees, from fresh roasted beans, consistently, cup after cup, at the push of a button.
We provide simple to use, premium-dispensing systems at ‘no charge’ to you, the customer. We create the finest in espresso-based beverages, [As well as specialty non - caffeinated products such as hot chocolate, moccachinos, lattes.

Benefits of The Bean Addiction:

No cost for the Italian designed and manufactured espresso units

No contracts to sign

No cancellation charges [two week notice]

No cost for gourmet fresh locally roasted coffee beans

'Just in Time' delivery - No storage of products required

Multiple options for payment options from billing direct or tap and pay or coin operated

No charge for regular cleaning and maintenance Staff will never be required to make coffee again! Staff will never have to clean the coffee system!

Increase in productivity - reduced daily ‘coffee runs’. Research shows that it costs a company, on average, $1,500 dollars per year/per employee on twice daily out of office coffee breaks.

Improved Customer Relations – providing a premium cup of coffee shows a client’s customer value and appreciation.  An option available as opposed to the paper cups is using ceramic mugs or a combination of both.

Each  cup is up to 75% less in cost than at leading coffee retailers. Staff &/or employer would save a minimum of $1200.00 per year based on two cups of black coffee per day and up to $2,500.00 on specialty coffees

It is a pay per cup program that varies on the business' preferences in product, cups, consumption etc. or can be a vending unit with tap & pay &/or coin operated. Majority of coffee services in the Winnipeg area are on the same or similar program but do not have the taste & quality that The Bean Addiction can provide

Disadvantages of K-Cups

Created by Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee these small brew systems produce one cup of coffee at a time, and they do it by way of a plastic brewing cup and tinfoil filter.
Though companies are attempting to create ‘environmentally friendly’ packets the culprit is not just the pod but also the delivery units themselves as they have a built in obsolescence. The business model is similar to that of printers and razor blades – you an purchase for a minimal investment but are locked into using their products – meaning should a mechanical error occur then it is less expensive to buy a new one than have the current system repaired. This means the discarded systems are also added to the landfill.
There is no arguing the convenience of the Keurig and similar brewers, but with convenience comes the loss of control. You cannot alter the grind, water temperature, dosage, or steep time with the pod or sac systems. Many companies use water direct from the tap that in many instances is not filtered. The creation of a perfect cup of coffee is determined by the freshness of the beans, a perfect grind, filtered water and the correct temperatures and pressure.
K-Cup coffees cost 60 cents to $1.10 per serving. That is equivalent to paying $30 to $56 per pound. There are few systems that provide a usage management program. Cost of a K-Cup or similar brewing system can be 2 to 3 times anticipated cost due to the ‘walking away’ of product due to the propensity of similar systems at home.

Disadvantages of Drip Coffee Systems
Disadvantages of drip coffee makers:
Glass pots are not healthy or sanitary. Drip coffee machines that have a glass pot that is in direct contact with the hotplate will cause your coffee to go bad very quickly.
Coffee from a drip machine tends to be weak in flavor and aroma and can be flat and bitter for a number of reasons. Also very easy to contaminate as the pot is open and cleaning all parts are time consuming where most employees will not spend the time.

Quoted from a local business owner....

"I have to be honest with you Tina....it is too good, my staff love it and I normally drink tea every morning but this mochachino is so good and my coffee budget will increase due to everyone really liking it compared to the other coffee service we currently have!"

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