Hello, my name is Tina. First I would like to thank you for viewing The Bean Addiction. Next I would like to apologize for the lack of fanciness on the web page as this is my first ever to design and publish but am learning a lot and loving it. But what I am loving more is The Bean Addiction! I have been in healthcare for over 20 years but have looked at different business' over the years and majority was coffee as I was always drawn to it, I think because in general coffee makes people happy! I love to help others which is why I stayed in healthcare for so long offering the assurance, comfort and smiles to patients I had to ensure that they were in good hands as they just received the news they need major surgery and I will help them prepare for it. However after many years I realized it was time for me to delete some stress and find another way to make people happy.....amazing how everything happens for a reason and timing is everything! Not very long ago I met with a company from the states who has an amazing business service with Italian equipment and make people happy on a daily basis.....born that day was the concept of "I can make people happy with this quality equipment and coffee beverage. This is the right equipment I could use to accomplish it"! Over the next few weeks I did some research to see how happy current business' were with their current coffee systems and not one person said they loved it....I can change that! I also contacted others who use this equipment and asked their opinions and that excited me even more as they had nothing but amazing things to say and how happy their customers were. Born after that was "The Bean Addiction" and I the queen of the bean! Next I did some research on local roasters right here in Manitoba! Fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly are a must! I am not perfect by no means but teach my kids that our earth is only as good as we treat it and try to lead by example.  I invite you to contact me, absolutely no obligations what so ever but a chance to put a smile on your lips after one sip.